Beautiful Disaster

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"Just because you kissed
someone with scars
doesn’t make you
a hero."



oh fuck

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No photoshop. Just a kitty with HUGE EYES.

The lighting in this photograph is amazing~

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someone: you're fat
me: thanks
someone: but I just called you fa-
me: i know and i forgive you for misspelling fab
someone: but
me: apology accepted

Anonymous asked: When girls go out wearing tiny, tight, skimpy outfits, I mean they have the choice to wear something else. some thing less provocative, so really girls are asking for it.



If you’re out in public and I see you’re not wearing any protective headgear does that give me the right to smash in your skull with a hammer? I mean you asked for it, since you’re not wearing something to protect your head. 

Best response.